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A great portion of my time is spent researching dog stuff… It’s what I do. Topics range from training, health care and nutrition, to dog breeding and puppy care… everything dogs. Articles that I have found to be excellent resources, are duly noted with credits. It’s my hope to bring awarness that evoke you to further investigate and research yourself. YOU are an essential part of your dog’s health care. The things you do with your dog at home, the things you change, and the things you learn to avoid, can make such a difference to their future health. Knowledge is power.

Vaccinations… How Much is Too Much?

March 2016//Health and Wellness

Most pets today are being given too many vaccinations too often. Many caretakers are unaware of the known risks inherent in vaccines. Studies upon studies have been performed that show the very real dangers in over-vaccinating and the risks involved every time a pet gets a shot. But the word is not getting out. Dogs […]

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The Power of Mental Stimulation

March 2016//Training & Exercise

Like humans, dogs need to keep their brains busy and stimulated. Most behavior issues are rooted in boredom. The dog starts displaying destructive behavior in an effort to make their own entertainment; chewing your possessions, clawing at the walls and other “unwanted” actions often occur in un-stimulated dogs. Just imagine how you would feel with […]

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February 2016//Training & Exercise

I’m frequently asked “is this breed good with children?” the question is “are your children good with dogs?” All puppies require structure, rules and guidelines to achieve a successful transition into your family so make sure you’re prepared and ready to do what it takes to achieve success. Following are a few tips to keep […]

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