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March 2018//Feeding and Nutrition

Have you ever looked inside your puppy’s mouth at his razor sharp teeth? This is your first clue on what is the best food for your growing puppy…..meat! Those are most definitely carnivore teeth, not herbivore teeth. A dog was built for ripping and shredding and eating meat, not grinding and chewing dry, processed foods.


The Best Raw Puppy Dog Food

Healthy dogs and puppies thrive on a species appropriate, raw pet food. Carnivores need a high meat diet, quality fats and a small amount of appropriate fruits and vegetables in their diet to thrive. Thrive is an important word when talking about pet food. Yes, a dog can live on a low-quality pet food, but their bodies are deteriorating from the inside.

Raw puppy dog food is pure, fresh, and moisture dense. Moisture plays an important role in your puppy’s health. Your puppy’s vital organs (brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys) need a large amount of moisture to function properly. Just adding water to their diet, is unlikely to meet his moisture needs.

When feeding your puppy a raw diet, you have a variety of options. You can prepare his meal from home and ensure the best ingredients and handling procedures are used. However, it is important to understand that your puppy’s meals must be balanced properly. You can learn how to balance your dog’s food in the book Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Homemade Food.

An easier option is to purchase a balanced already prepared raw puppy food. There are great raw pet food brands such as Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, Primal Pet Foods, Answers Pet Food, Vital Essentials, Raw Paws Pet Food, and Steve’s Real Food, just to name a few.


The Best Dehydrated Puppy Food

A fresh or frozen raw puppy food is by far the healthiest option for your new canine. If you aren’t quite there, our next suggestion is an air-dried or freeze-dried puppy food. You may notice on some of the packaging, it will say dehydrated raw, however, technically, once it’s dehydrated, is no longer raw. If a food does not rot at room temperature, it’s not raw. Read more about Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated foods. 

However, a high-quality, high-meat dehydrated food still is leaps and bounds healthier than a dry kibble-type food. When you are evaluating a dehydrated pet food, look for one that is high in muscle meat and organ meats with some added fruits and vegetables for fiber and antioxidants. Some dehydrated puppy foods to consider include Primal Pet Food, The Honest Kitchen, Stella and Chewy’s, Sojo’s, Vital Essentials, Big Dog Natural, Raw Paws Pet Food, and Steve’s Real Food.


Home Cooking for Your Puppy

Home cooking for your puppy is another healthy option. However, there is a lot misinformation on how to balance a puppy’s diet. It’s important that you understand a puppy’s nutritional needs prior to making the leap. If you are wanting to home cook for your puppy, Dr. Becker’s book offers the option to cook meals.


The Best Canned Puppy Food

Canned puppy food is another choice. The benefit of canned over dry, is, well, it’s moist! However, canned pet food is notorious for including binders that are terrible on the colon and can cause inflammation. Avoid binders such as carrageenan, tapioca, agar agar, potato starch, or any kind of gum. A few options include Pet Kind, Ziwi, K9 Natural, or Nature’s Logic.


The Best Dry Kibble Puppy Food

If you are unable to provide a fresh diet to your puppy and find yourself in a situation where dry kibble is your only option, here are a few tips. Feed your puppy puppy food for the first six months prior to switching to an adult formula. When choosing the best puppy food, read the ingredient panel closely. Remember, carnivores need mostly meat, so when you flip that bag over, it should read meat followed by some healthy vegetables, fruits, and oils. Dogs don’t need grains, peas, corn, artificial preservatives, colors, byproducts, etc. We recommend Sport Dog Food, Precise Holistic Complete, Fromm, or Nutri Source.


Add More Value to Kibble

  1. Soak kibble in warm water and let it get soft.
  2. Add digestive enzymes and probiotics. Adored Beast Product
  3. Add “dehydrated raw” or “raw boost mixers.”
  4. Add dog-friendly real foods.
  5. Add bone broth. Click here for Recipe
  6. Add coconut oil — one tsp. of coconut oil per 10 pounds, or a tbsp. per 30 pounds


Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Enzymes for all Puppies and Dogs

Regardless of your puppy food choice, probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes are not only beneficial, but a must in my book. A good digestive system is key to promoting a healthy immune system. When a dog’s gut is out of balance, it can lead to allergies, yeast, digestive problems, food allergies, and even behavioral issues.

By providing your canine companion probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes, you will be helping your dog have a healthy immune system and good gut health. This important step helps your dog’s gut produce good bacteria and inhibits bad bacteria. We promote Healthy Gut, by Adored Beast. Healthy Gut provides probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes. Their product contains 14 allergen-free strains with 10 billion CFU of non-allergenic probiotics, and they are dairy-free.

When it comes to raising a healthy and happy puppy, food plays a very important role. We can loop back to the old saying, you are what you eat, so feed your puppy for optimal health.



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Healthy Gut Digestive Enzyme/Prebiotic/Probiotic blendHealthy Gut: While most probiotics contain 3 to 5 strains of probiotics, Healthy Gut contains 14 allergen-free strains with 10 billion CFU of non-allergenic probiotics. Most probiotics are dairy-based and can aggravate allergy and yeast symptoms. Without the right prebiotic, the probiotics will just be pooped out. The probiotics found in Healthy Gut are from a larch tree extract that also serves as an effective adjunct to cancer therapies due to its ability to stimulate the immune system and block the growth of tumor cells.  Order Healthy Gut Here


Feeding your dog for optimum health

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