A devoted Lagotto lover through and through, Kathy Haglof is the Lagotto Lady. Her Lagotto adventure began in 2009, when LK Augusta (Asper) was first brought into her life. It was love at first sight. She quickly realized the therapeutic value of this fun-loving breed. (Who says your therapist has to be human?). Asper’s loyalty, intelligence and quirky personality left her wanting more—nobody can have just one, right? Today the Lagotto Lady enjoys the company of many loving fuzzy therapists.

Before the Lagotto adventure began, Kathy’s passion was horses. With 30+ years of experience with breeding, training and showing horses — she has come to realize there is very little difference when training and caring for dogs vs horses. Both need to have a great environment in which they can learn and thrive.


Our Kennel

The Lagotto Lady boutique is situated on 25 acres of beautiful rolling land, surrounded by many lakes. Lagotto Lady Kennels continues to transform the horse barn into a top of the line professional doggie home. The “creature” comforts provided is a heated and air conditioned space with large individual kennels that open into acres of safely fenced outdoor play areas. Room to run, roam, play or lay around in the shade. Each of our dogs rotate to take their turn in our home, laying on the couch, watching TV and enjoying some fresh popcorn and one-on-one love and attention.

I’m enriched every day by the animals that surround me and the unconditional love they bring. Kathy’s prayer is “God, you know how much I love my animals. Thank you for loaning them to me. If you find my soul worthy of redemption, when it’s my time to leave this world, please take me to where they are.”


How we choose to raise our dogs

My Philosophy is to never quit learning. I attend many seminars “both in person and on-line” from resources such as the Canine University of Biology to experts on natural care, homeopathy and nutrition.

The more I studied and learned about natural/holistic medicine, the more my paradigm shifted. I became cautious about vaccinating when I saw animals that died, or were mentally altered as a result. I see people vaccinating their dogs for every possible disease because they wanted their pets to be healthy, and yet those two things are often incompatible.

The more I moved away from vaccines and chemicals, the more I noticed how much healthier my dogs became. Although we strive for 100% natural, there are times “traditional” medicine is necessary. Lagotto Lady Kennels uses a “team” of vets from holistic/natural, traditional to reproductive specialists. We highly value what each has to offer.

Should you choose to vaccinate, Dr. Jean Dodd’s vaccine protocol is highly recommended and should not be interpreted to mean that other protocols recommended by a veterinarian would be less satisfactory. It’s a matter of professional judgment and choice.

Correct nutrition is the basis for health – where the living body gets the supplies that it needs to repair itself. Dogs are carnivores, and it is vital to offer them a species-appropriate diet that is low in carbohydrates and gluten-free. To build the immune system your puppy was born with, we have fed the highest quality, varied diet possible.

Our puppies are imprinted (1 – 14 days old) following the “Jane Killion Puppy Culture” methods. As they grow, we offer a stimulating environment exposing them to as much as possible to provide the best possible outcome for each puppy. We also include, with the purchase of a puppy, valuable information, and of course, access to us, any time should you have concerns or questions. We want success with both the puppy and the new family.