Children and Puppies

People often ask me if the Lagotti are good with children, my reply is always “are your children good with dogs”?  Bonds formed between humans and dogs can be made incredibly strong when the relationship is formed early on, but it’s very important that children be taught how to interact safely and responsibly with their puppy companions.

Kids and puppies have lots in common: They’re inquisitive, impatient, and easily excited! It’s important to carefully supervise first encounters between a new puppy and children. Things like teaching children about “No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact.” may be surprising to many, read these articles to learn more.

Safe Guidelines for Puppies and Children

April 2018//Children and Puppies

“Please Mom, can we pleeeease get a puppy?” Sound familiar? If you’ve really thought it through and decided to add a puppy to your family, remember there’s more to it than simply picking out a cute pooch to bring home. Kids and puppies can be a great mix — under the right circumstances. Keep reading to […]

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Socializing Your Puppy To Children

February 2016//Children and Puppies

I’m frequently asked “is this breed good with children?” the question is “are your children good with dogs?” All puppies require structure, rules and guidelines to achieve a successful transition into your family so make sure you’re prepared and ready to do what it takes to achieve success. Not only are you teaching your puppy that children […]

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