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Years ago, I was the typical “responsible” dog owner. My dogs were vaccinated every year, treated with tick, heart-worm products, and fed a “complete-and-balanced” diet (so I thought). It wasn’t until I noticed some “concerning changes” in my dogs, I decided to dig deeper, learning how to make healthier choices for my dogs.

The more I studied natural/holistic medicine, the more my paradigm shifted. I became cautious about vaccinating after seeing dogs mentally altered or severe side effects as a result. I see people vaccinating their dogs for every possible disease because “they wanted their pets to be healthy”, and yet those two things are often incompatible.

Information on this site is based on proven scientific data and put to practice on my personal dogs through many generations of breeding.

Socializing Your Puppy To Children

February 2016//Children and Puppies

I’m frequently asked “is this breed good with children?” the question is “are your children good with dogs?” All puppies require structure, rules and guidelines to achieve a successful transition into your family so make sure you’re prepared and ready to do what it takes to achieve success. Not only are you teaching your puppy that children […]

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