Vaccinations and Titer Testing

March 2018//Vaccinations and Chemicals

As a new and responsible puppy parent, you may think providing your puppy with their puppy vaccinations right away is in your puppy’s best interest. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Puppies bred from healthy parents  have a natural immunity. When puppies are very young, they’re protected from disease by drinking their mother’s first milk, called colostrum which contains maternal antibodies against infectious disease, which the mother passes down to her puppies.

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dog vaccinations and titer testing

Recommended Dog Foods

March 2018//Feeding and Nutrition

One of the things we love at Lagotto Lady Kennel is that our puppy parents are always trying to do the best for their puppies, and this includes learning the ins and outs of a healthy pet food. As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

Have you ever looked inside your puppy’s mouth at his razor sharp teeth? This is your first clue on what is the best food for your growing puppy…..meat! Those are most definitely carnivore teeth, not herbivore teeth. A dog was built for ripping and shredding and eating meat, not grinding and chewing dry, processed foods.

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Best Puppy Food

The Power of Mental Stimulation

March 2016//Exercise and Training

Like humans, dogs need to keep their brains busy and stimulated. Most behavior issues are rooted in boredom. The dog starts displaying destructive behavior in an effort to make their own entertainment; chewing your possessions, clawing at the walls and other “unwanted” actions often occur in un-stimulated dogs. Just imagine how you would feel with […]

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Socializing Your Puppy To Children

February 2016//Children and Puppies

I’m frequently asked “is this breed good with children?” the question is “are your children good with dogs?” All puppies require structure, rules and guidelines to achieve a successful transition into your family so make sure you’re prepared and ready to do what it takes to achieve success. Not only are you teaching your puppy that children […]

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