Our Puppies

Before breeding a litter, the mom and dad are selected to provide puppy litters that pass on the best attributes of the breed. Every puppy born at the Lagotto Lady Kennel is held as it arrives in this world and before it leaves our facility. We go to great lengths and expense to protect and provide for the health of both the mom and her puppies during their days with us.

We Imprint all our puppies using the “Puppy Culture” methods — representing a Gold Standard in puppy rearing and early socialization. We believe that preparing our pups is as important as breeding good puppies. We also raise our dogs as naturally “Holistic” as possible. We choose not to vaccinate our dogs, unless necessary and avoid chemicals. People often ask what the life span for this breed is… we believe the more “holistic” you raise your dog, the longer life they will enjoy.

Pups are closely watched as their individual traits and characteristics are developed. Each puppy is an individual that needs to fit in as a member of a family We spend enormous amounts of time determining which puppy will be best for each forever loving home. We support each family that adopts one of our Lagotto puppies and consider them part of our extended family.

Please take the time to read our Questions and Answers page, as well as our Articles page to answer many questions about how to raise a healthy puppy. From puppy growth, feeding and vaccinations, to exercise, training, children and puppies and more. This is very valuable information we are passionate to share with all dog lovers.


2022 Planned Litters

Fingers crossed, we should have a litter of pups due end of July out of Lickity-Split and Dalmazio.




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