Questions and Answers


Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak with “vast” amounts of people interested in a puppy. I have learned a great deal about the issues people face with their furry loved ones. Many times, their “best friend” left them way to early. Being a research fanatic, I have spent vast amounts of time learning more about how and what keeps a dog living a sound and healthy life.

With so many generations of breeding, I have put this knowledge to the test with my dogs. My focus is rearing and raising all my dogs as natural as possible. Everything I recommend is practiced here at Lagotto Lady Kennels. It is my hope that my puppy adopters become educated on proper care protocols, that if not followed, can lead to future health issues. 

We strongly encourage you to read our articles page that covers “the benchmarks” of raising a sound and healthy dog. Based on experience, even a few simple adjustments in your dog’s life can easily extend their life by several years.